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    The Smart ATO Micro from Auto Aqua that we got wind of before MACNA was on demo last weekend in D.C., but it was easy to miss the device since it takes up such a small footprint. The Auto Aqua Smart ATO made big waves when it was first unveiled with all of the smarts built right into the water-sensing part of the device.

    However the Smart ATO Micro takes this concept even a step further with even more miniaturization to the point where the sensor and controller practically shrink into one. The Micro version of the Smart ATO is less than a quarter the size of its predecessor, still with a magnetic component but now with an optical water level sensor that is potted and waterproofed to be right inside the aquarium.

    [​IMG]The Smart ATO Micro is an all in one auto top off solution for replenishing evaporated water in a home aquarium.

    Bringing the optical sensor inside the sump makes the Smart ATO Micro even more reliable since it doesn’t have to ‘see’ through the glass walls of the sump. Furthermore the Smart ATO Micro can now sense the water level inside sumps that have black, grey or colored walls since it’s more ‘in touch’ with the water level that it is sensing.

    What we’ve always loved about the Smart ATO is that it comes well furnished with a miniature pump, hose and clip to be a fully fledged water top off solution. This trend continues with the Smart ATO Micro which will come with a pump, power supply, hose and a magnetic clip to keep the hose in place. Unlike so many new products unveiled at MACNA, the Smart ATO Micro is one of the few for which we were given a retail price, which is expected to be around $99 when it is released later this year.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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