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    Yesterday we shared the AutoAqua AWC-300 automatic water change module and today we’re taking a deeper dive into some other useful tools in the company’s portfolio to help automate parts of your system. AutoAqua’s product line includes automatic top off (ATO) controllers, water level and protein skimmer alarms, switching timers and more.

    At first glance, the AutoAqua products are pretty straight forward with most controller modules sharing the same form factor. AutoAqua’s controllers are not super high-tech like other’s we see, rather taking a “just what you need” approach.

    The company’s ATO products include a DC pump model, an electrical solenoid version and a gravity fed non-electric version. The AutoAqua ATO-200P comes with a brushless DC pump, controller and two sensors and the AutoAqua ATO-200V comes with a DC solenoid and two sensors.*Both products will retail for around $100 USD.*For smaller systems or less technical ATOs, there is the “mini” version of each one that is simplified and includes just one sensor or two sensors and retail for $45 and $60 respectively

    This YouTube video includes a good visual overview of the ATO system. Check out this tank update video a hobbyist uploaded that includes the ATO-200P (fast forward to the 1:05 mark).

    If you want to go gravity fed, the company also has small float switches and accessories to build your own powerless system starting around $30.

    There are also alarm systems that include water level and protein skimmer alarms starting around $55 and going up depending on number of sensors and optional waste containers for the skimmer alarm. *AutoAqua also has a switching mode timer that looks similar to complex lamp timers but is most likely beefed up for a few more options that make it more useful in an aquarium setting.

    Overall the equipment looks handy and is a decent option if you want to have a simple way to automate systems in your aquarium.

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