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    The AutoAqua AWC-300 is an automatic water change controller from the Taiwan-based company AutoAqua. The company makes products to automate tasks on your aquariums and was limited to just the Taiwan market but is now starting to branch out and distribute its products to the rest of the world.

    Although there isn’t much documentation online, we know the controller module uses a series of sensors to control the drain and refill amounts. The AWC-300 will come with four sensors that we assume are for high and low level sensors for both the aquarium and refill reservoir. The company also has an optional SMT-110 module allowing to control both your automatic water change (AWC) and your automatic top off (ATO).

    There are two electrical outlets on the side of the controller module that we believe are for the drain and refil pumps. AutoAqua uses low voltage 12VDC in the system along with alarm sensors to let you know if anything goes awry.

    US pricing will be around $120 for the AWC-300 and $30 for the SMT-110 accessory module.
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