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    MACNA 2013 will not be the same this year for sure. A whole lot of excitement, with a little touch of japanese flare. Koji Wada from BlueHarbor is playing Santa this year and a few very good children will be getting their wish list fulfilled. Here’s your chance to see and perhaps get some of these exclusive japanese rarities before anyone else this year. Rare blennies, baby moray eels, endemic angels? Keep reading to find out more.ORA is getting a whole lot of lovin from Koji with more than one Meiacanthus kamoharai. The super sleek and amazing japanese fangblenny has only just started to penetrate the market with the appearance of one making its way to Singapore a couple of weeks back. ORA has been blessed with the opportunity to start breeding attempts with this amazing and highly sought after fish. Knowing them, it’s probably not going to be long before captive bred Meiacanthus kamoharai start appearing in huge numbers along with M. grammistes and M. mossambicus that they currently have in their repertoire.

    [​IMG]One of three Ecsenius oculus specially caught for MACNA.

    Just less than a week ago we showcased for the first time the elusive and very pretty Ocular blenny (Ecsenius oculus) that is found in Japan and nearly impossible to get outside of there. Koji Wada took notice and not one, but three of these beautiful blennies are flying halfway round the world to satisfy the cravings of diehard blenny lovers.

    [​IMG]Three Ecsenius oculus, ready to touch American soil for the first time.

    This would mark the first time E. oculus has touched American soil, and now it’s your chance to obtain one. If you’re sitting on the fence on whether to show up at this year’s MACNA, then get off that fence and get packing. Yet another surprise Koji has installed for MACNA attendees is this crazy juvenile dragon moray eel. Already rare, this 15 cm baby is almost unheard of. I know of only one piece that made its way to Singapore years ago at this size, and trust me when I say this that cute is an understatement.

    [​IMG]A tiny dragon moray eel. 15 cm.

    The eel is small enough to fit comfortably in a cynlindrical container. Compare the size to the fingers below – the head is smaller than a thumbnail! Along with this smorgasbord of rarities are also the ever popular interruptus angelfish, and a seldom seen nippon butterflyfish. Rare fish fans, this is our year. MACNA 2013 is playing host to Koji and his amazing fish, so head on down and be sure to get a chance to see, or better yet, own one of these.

    [​IMG]An unbelievably tiny dragon moray eel, the head smaller than a thumbnail.

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