Attack of the 'Shroom

Can you imagine the conversation in the ER;

"Help my eye is on fire"

"can you tell me what happened sir"

" Well i was fragging this mushroom and it squirted in my eye"

" You fragged a mushroom???"

"Yeah to put in my nano tank"

" your...Nano tank? sir have you been drinking?"

" no it's a small marine fish tank"

" Ok so you put a mushroom in a fish tank? ok"

Etc etc, i wonder how he got on, i know that some Zoas can be very toxic but never heard of any 'shrooms poisoning anyone?
There's so much stuff in reef systems that you really can't be too careful. If anything like that happens you should definitely go to a doctor/hospital even if they won't have a clue what you're talking about...
damn that must be hectic
hectic stuff, just shoes how toxic beauty is
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