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    Atoll Solut Pure Salt is being introduced as the first two-part aquarium salt taking an approach similar to ESV’s B-ionic salt. Like other boutique salts coming out on the market, Atoll Solut looked to make their recipe mimic the natural conditions of the marine environment with all the major, minor and trace elements found in natural sea water (NSW). Atoll Solut Pure Salt comes in two parts — a wet and a dry.

    The major elements of the salt are handled in the dry form in your traditional bucket. The minor and trace elements are added to the salt mix via the liquid form that comes along with the two-part kit. With the low amounts of elements present in NSW, these are better delivered via the liquid form as a solution in water which may be hard to consistently provide in a dray form where settling often occurs during shipping and transport.

    While we haven’t found out the exact release date of this salt, the Argentinian company has been teasing social networks with the products they are coming out with. We are assuming this is a relatively new company to the marine aquarium trade that also happens to have some other additive products also coming to market. The company definitely has an eye for product packaging providing some rather nice looking labeling and we’re hoping to see if they can stand out once they hit the market.
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