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    The Atledtis E6+ and Cookie are two new LED fixtures from Hong Kong which really put a strong emphasis on design of their lights. Made out of all metal construction, the E6 and Cookie LED lights appear extremely well built and offer classy, nano aquarium lighting that you’ll really want to show off.

    First up is the Atledtis E6+, a single LED spot mounted on an articulating arm. This tiny mini-pendant clips on to rimless tanks and holds up a single 9 watt cluster of red, green, blue and white LEDs for a total output of 530 lumens. There is no controllability option with the Atledtis E6+, just a bright 6,500 Kelvin white LED spot for small planted aquaria which will set you back about TWD$1,300 or about $40 U.S.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The ‘larger’ light in Atledtis’ catalog is the transforming Cookie LED light. The Cookie is built with the same machined aluminum metal as the E6+ but with an interesting landing zone for their LED modules.

    [​IMG]Atledtis made the Cookie fixture able to accept an interchangeable LED puck, each of which is also RGB + W LEDs, a touch over 10 watts each. This gives the Cookie fixture with two LED pucks a light output of 1200 lumens coming from 21 watts or the Cookie+ fixture a light output of 1,800 lumens at 32 watts. The baseline Atledtis Cookie fixture with two pucks costs around $144 while the Cookie+ with three LED modules will set you back just shy of $200.

    Again there is no controllability with the Atledtis LED lights, just plain colorful white light which is pretty much fine with freshwater planted tanks, but reefers have really grown to expect some degree of controllability. With the fixture already built and the interchangeable puck format, it is possible that Atledtis could release some reef aquarium grade modules for the Cookie fixture, but since these freshwater models are spanking new, it will be a while still until the company even thinks of making a marine spectrum version of their light. [Atledtis]

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    This would be awesome if they build marine spec pucks
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