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    ati-Power-Cone-250.gif ATI released the Powercone skimmer late last year. The skimmer used a grid wheel type impeller that was promised to deliver a new bubble experience most of us dream of. Fast forward about 6 months and a new version of the skimmer has just been teased on video. This new “I” series adds several new features versus the original. The biggest new featuring is the Powercone I series will add a controllable pump that will help you regulate the flow of the skimmer. With the help of an included controller, the pump can produce anywhere from 150 to 3000 lph with a simple flick of the wrist. A new video that has been produced by ATI shows the controller housing to look like that of the Sunpower controllable T5 units we have seen in months past. With the addition of the controller the Powercone I series will be able to produce a soft start as well as completely turn off the controller senses a blockage. Another new feature is the integration of a digital air flow sensor. We are told that the digital sensor has little to no air resistance and allows you to monitor the performance of the skimmer. At this point in the game we have not seen the original ATI Powercone released to major retailers with some still taking pre orders for the device. If you are obsessed with control and like the foam factory that ATI promises you might want to wait for the new I series to land at your doorstep. The original powercone 250 is priced in the US at around $530 and you should expect to pay an additional premium for the controllable I series. Check out the newly released video below showcasing the I series controllable talents.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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