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    The ATI Sirius LED light is a natural evolution of the ATI Powermodul LED + T5 hybrid light fixture which surfaced nearly two years ago. Not to be confused with the five year old Sfiligoi Sirius LED light, the new ATI Sirius LED is a whole different animal with modern diodes and lots and lots of control channels.

    After refining their system and LED clusters, ATI is getting closer to releasing their Sirius LED which ditches fluorescent and goes all LED.*Like other feature-rich devices produced by ATI such as the I-Series protein skimmer, and the Powermodul where ATI cut its teeth on LEDs, the Sirius LED is built using similar LED clusters.

    Those clusters that ATI has developed are endowed with an incredible degree of control; it’s hard to know how many each will carry but the Sirius LED light will be marketed in several sizes with up to 32 channels of control. This does not mean that there will be*thirty two colors to control, but that clusters of eight colors arranged in four distinct groups could add up to 32 points of color and intensity control.

    The ATI Sirius LED will be made in five sizes, with 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 clusters of LEDs for a maximum of a 580 watt LED fixture! This kind of power wont come cheap, especially not from ATI but if the software is there to let power users maximize the possibilities with the new ATI SIrius LED, this could be a very exciting high end LED reef lighting fixture when it (eventually) releases. ATI is now infamous for a lackadaisical production timeline but maybe this is the year ATI surprises us with a new product and delivers it on time.

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