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    As much as LEDs have steamed ahead in the aquarium world, and with so many T5 diehards sticking to their light of choice we are*still flabbergasted at the complete dearth of combination lights including both light emitting diodes and high output T5 fluorescent lamps. We’re not talking about Tee Fives with LED assist like the AquaticLife, Aquactinic and Sunlight Supply models, we’re talking about the full on blend of bright LEDs and high performance T5 packages. Sure the hybrid*Giesemann Helios, Aquaconnect, Sfiligoi Genesis*and Prestige LED*exist (or have existed) but the combination of features and performance in the sleek AT LED PowerModule absolutely leapfrogs all of those.*

    We got the first look at ATI’s new*amalgamation*of incumbent and up-and-coming lighting technologies at InterZoo back in May where they were touting their exclusive use of the highest performance blue and royal blue LEDs from Philips. Since then a one-off has made the rounds in the US at MACNA and Reefapalooza giving us some hope that we may see the LED PowerModule here in North America sooner than later, but since pricing and availability is not available we won’t be holding our breath.

    That’s unfortunate because the unique controllability of both the LEDs and T5s is very tempting. If we hadn’t already expunged the thought of replacing any kind of lamps a long time ago we’d be dying to try out the LED PowerModule but we can imagine a ton of reefers out there would take advantage of this unique combination light fixture.*With a good cluster of several colors of high output LEDs centrally-mounted and bordered by two pairs of dimmable T5 FLuorescent tubes, the ATI LED PowerModule stands alone claiming a spot of high ground that no one else is going after.

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