RSS ATB uses inverted cone design to build biopellet and phytoplankton reactors

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    Whether you want to react biopellets or phytoplankton, ATB has got an inverted cone design for you. The company that brought the first conical skimmer body*designs*to the aquarium market has turned its thinking upside down to bring inverted cones to the area of biopellet reactors and phytoplankton reactors. *Neither of these inverted cone products is really all that ground breaking, we’ve already got the CAD Lights CONIC Bio-reactor here in the US and most phytoplankton and brine shrimp culturing devices have been of this sort since the dawn of aquaculture. But if you are a fan of ATB’s aesthetic and craftsmanship, at least you have the option of going to ATB for your biopellet reactor and phytoplankton reactor, both of which will match that fancy ATB cone skimmer you have in style and in the price.
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