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    The ATB Seahorse Feeder is so ingenious that it’s a wonder no one has thought of building something like it before, at least not at the commercial level. The ATB Seahorse Feeder is basically a tube floating vertically in the aquarium with an open end on top for inserting food and a feeding dish at the bottom where the food can be dispensed.*

    Additionally the Seahorse Feeder from ATB also has a cute little hitching post surrounding the business end of the feeder where curious seahorses can wait for their meals. New and wild seahorses may need to be trained to use the ATB Seahorse Feeder using live mysis but they learn quick and will quickly take to eating from the feeding dish at the end of the tube.

    Not only is the ATB Seahorse Feeder a great way to target feed your seahorses while minimizing competition from tankmates, it also minimizes the amount of food being ‘lost’ to the aquarium so you can feed your reidi and kudas more without fear that you’ll be paying for the smorgasbord in phosphates and algae later. No details on pricing or availability are known yet, but we definitely see a place for ATB’s Seahorse Feeder in most marine aquarium stores. [ATB via Acuaristica]

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