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    The ATB Mini Mikro skimmer is a new in sump design from ATB which is not to be confused with the ATB Nano or the ATB Mikro skimmer lines. However, the ATB Mini Mikro skimmer does incorporate features of both the ATB Nano and Mikro by being the first merger of airstones and bubble plates.

    Being the company that popularized conical protein skimmers, ATB doesn’t stray from their trademark body shape in the also-conical ATB Mini Mikro Skimmer. That alone is not too noteworthy but the ATB Mini Mikro is the first protein skimmer we’ve seen that uses a bubble plate diffuser to reduce the turbulence of a pair of wooden air stones.

    We only have the teaser video of the ATB Mini Mikro to go on but compared to the submersible heater, the Mini Mikro appears to be sized for the 30 to 50 gallon range. Also, the copious amount of air being pumped into the conical body does appear to be rising in a rather calm fashion, and it also is all but completely prevented from exiting via the outflow standpipe.

    ATB Mini Mikro Size - YouTube
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