RSS As betta popularity grows, how will it impact the saltwater hobby?

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    [​IMG]Walking into a large pet store, you might find that lowly endcap of freshwater betta fish has now expanded with entire aisle of shelves dedicated to the Siamese fighting fish. The rising popularity of keeping this fish is fueling the growth of betta-related products. The one question we ask, will this impact the saltwater side

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    Nice to see a more humane way of keeping betta's. I saw this type of set up when I was in the UK last year. The SA norm is to stick these poor fish in jam jar like plastic containers. I don't care how "ideal" or "safe" this is, it leaves me cold to see and I for one have raised my concerns about this on TASA. Personally I cannot see reefers switching to fresh because of this fish - they just cant compete with the salties!
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