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8 May 2007
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Artfully Acrylic has recently released a series of all-in-one aquariums that have a few unique attributes including a larger reach chamber to allow for more equipment options, deep dimensions for aquascaping potential and clear, removable mesh lids to keep your jumpers in the aquarium.

Available in 16, 28, and 50 gallon sizes, the Artfully Acrylic AIO aquariums look pretty sleek and feature a dual return and dual pump system on the larger two aquariums to allow you to better control the overall flow. You can even pick your color of rear chamber casing option for a black, blue or red accent to give your room a bit more flair.

Although it comes with an optional form-fitting clear mesh top, the aquarium is a tries to maximize the rimless look with minimal Eurobracing allowing you some flexibility and safety without compromising on the overall look and feel. The AIO-16 is priced at $289.99, the AIO-28 is $379.99 and the AIO-50 retails for $489.99.

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