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    We were impressed with the new*ARKA VIDA-GT*dosing system but a system like this tends to be out of reach of many hobbyists’ budgets. However, the German manufacturer recently announced the ARKA VIDA-H4 that offers you a quality dosing system at a much more approachable price.

    The ARKA VIDA-H4 is a four-channel dosing system that includes the external magnetic stirring feature we appreciated on the top-end version. As we mentioned in our earlier post, anyone that has dosed any of bacterial cultures or other reef fuels knows the constant shaking makes it more of a hands-on approach than we’d like. The external stirrers keep the suspensions from settling on the bottom of the bottle, making your dosing regimen more accurate.

    The unit is built with quality materials and would be a nice addition to any aquarium stand or fish room. The base unit comes with four dosing and stirring channels but is expandable to eight. You can set the system up to continually dose or set up dosing rates from 1 to 1,999 ml per channel per 24-hour period.

    The best part about this unit? The suggested retail price of €199 (around $289 USD), about €100 less than the ARKA VIDA-GT.



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