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3 May 2013
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This thread's purpose is to provide a summary of Arduino hardware, software, circuits and links to local and international suppliers as used in a project. You are welcome to post links to other project threads and links to Arduino related sites.

If you choose to post details on a project, please try to keep it in the following format in a single post:

• Project description
• Hardware used
• Circuit diagrams or links to them if applicable
• Source code
• Photos

Some links from MASA, in particular @BlackSpark, @naptalene and @butcherman , thank you.



Arduino - HomePage
Arduino - Reference
Open Reefs | An Open Source Reef Controller and Monitor Giving You Peace of Mind Where Ever You Are



Micro Robotics - Importers Arduino Sensor Robotics
Electronics Store | South Africa | Home - Netram Technologies
Communica Online .::. Communica Online
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More |eBay

LED and related:

Rapid LED
Mantech Electronics | Leader in Electronic and Industrial Components, Tools, Test and Measurement
BoostLED -- Premium LED for Your Aquarium
Home Page (Steve's LED)

Designs and Software:

Arduino - Software
Downloads - jarduino-aquarium-controller - Jarduino Aquarium Controller v1.2 - Google Project Hosting
Technology Arduino Instructables
Arduino Aquarium


Manic's DIY Arduino Reef Controller - Marine Aquariums South Africa
Arduino links - Marine Aquariums South Africa
Arduino Controlled Dosing Pumps - Marine Aquariums South Africa
Arduino Powered Aquarium Controller Project - Marine Aquariums South Africa
Andre's Web enabled Arduino controller - Marine Aquariums South Africa
My Arduino Aquarium Controller - Arduino Forum
Arduino 3.2 tft colour touch screen build
(Another) DIY LED Controller - Simple Arduino Style - Reef Central Online Community
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