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    If you were wondering wether the magical Archohelia redeviva*would ever be seen in aquariums again, we can assure you that tales of this coral’s demise have been greatly exxagerated. By us. In private conversations with fellow NPS/Azoox reefers. It’d been so long since nary a peep about Archohelia we really thought this species might elude us for another decade.

    Thankfully, specialty coral dealer Eye Catching Coral*recently landed not just a colony of the coveted blue and white Azoox LPS coral, but a colony in great shape with enough real estate to transplant in several different aquariums. The areas lacking tissue between some of the knobs are not indicative of the colony’s health, this is probably due to an old sedimentation event.

    Eye Catching Corals divided the colony into several large pieces and distributed them to capable aquarists who are now trying their best to keep this little-known coral alive. If they succeed these aquarists will be rewarded with an amazing reverse-starry night of beautiful blue polyps, which you can already begin to see in this colony.

    We hope that more will be on the way, not many but a slow trickle would be nice for the specialty reefers.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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