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    Arcadia has been producing some solid lighting option in the UK for a few years and the company has released its most robust, and versitile, all-LED fixture to date with the new Arcadia OTL-LED. Using a combination of 1W and 10W LEDs, the new OTL-LED has four channels of control all via a built-in controller.

    The Arcadia OTL-LED comes in freshwater and saltwater models all utilizing a blend of diodes. The freshwater version uses RGB, 8,000K and 10,000K LEDs and the saltwater version taps into the RGBs, blue and 14,000K white diodes to give more of the crisp pop we expect in our saltwater aquariums.

    Not only does Arcadia offer two version but they also offer seven different lengths — ranging from 60cm (24 in.) to 180cm (71 in.). Each light is only 16.2cm wide and a mere 2.5cm tall. We like the variety of sizes and can see this light even pared down to a 12 or 16 in. version as an option for nano aquariums.

    Another nifty feature is removable lenses allowing you to easily clean the lenses to keep them free from salt creep and other aquaria-related gunk.

    Depending on the size of fixture, you can expext these lights to use from 73-231W of power. Each lamp features adjustable legs, a timer and controller (with four channels to control along with full sunrise and sunset control), a temperature sensor and display and a suspension ceiling mounting kit. *These lights should retail from*£299.99- £699.99 (around $450-$1,075 USD).

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