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    We have a bit more detail on the Arcadia Eco-Aqua 30W spotlight we got a sight of a few weeks ago from Aqua 2011. The more we look at this light, the more we appreciate it. Looking to mimic and replace a traditional metal halide lamp, the Eco-Aqua focuses a powerful point of light from a cluster of CREE LEDs. We saw this new video posted to the Arcadia blog and while it is short in length, it does give another look at these fixtures.

    aqua-2011-039-682x1024-199x300.jpg The passive heatsink is designed well and fits in as part of the design. Touches like these are making us more appreciative of the light and can’t wait until we can get a look at this in person.The Arcadia Eco-Aqua comes in four models for freshwater or marine aquariums.

    For reef hobbyists the two that matter the most are the Marine White and the Marine Blue. Most likely the Marine White hits in the 10,000 to 12,000K range but could be up to a 14,000 to 15,000K appearance. The Marine Blue doesn’t seem to be entirely made up of blue LEDs and appears to have a combination of white and blue LEDs giving it a crisper blue look. The Tropical Freshwater and 6,000K White give you a couple options for a planted or freshwater tank giving you the pleasing aesthetic depending on what your tastes are. These could also make beautiful lights for a refugium.

    Out of the box the Eco-Aqua clamps to the side of the aquarium and can be adjusted to get the exact angle and height you want. The company is also making a pendant conversion kit to make hanging the spotlight an option and a mounting rail for the ability to use multiple lamps on one tank. Arcadia is also offering interchangeable lenses to be able to focus the light to your specs depending on what you have in your tank.

    The Arcadia Eco-Aqua 30W will run around £225 (about $352 USD) for the two marine and one freshwater lamp. The 6,500K light features the higher-output CREE XPG LEDs and will run around £270 (about $422 USD). The lamps should be shipping at the end of the month.

    Thanks Nico for the tip!

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