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    Seachem has two more additions to its aquavitro line with the new products dubbed aquavitro remediation and aquavitro seed. It is hard to believe Seachem launched its aquavitro line nearly seven years ago and there hasn’t been too many editions to the quality product line until now.

    Seachem has always had strong products that met the demands of the broader saltwater and freshwater markets, yet for the reef and planted tank communities, the more stringent requirements and demands led the company to design this line to better fit the unique needs of the reef aquarist.

    aquavitro seed is a way to quickly and safely establish a biofilter for the aquarium to prevent new tank syndrome and other negative aspects of the initial biological cycle. Seachem notes the bacteria was specifically developed for hardiness and their ability to adapt to a wide variety of environmental conditions. This unique, synergistic blend of bacteria found in no other product.

    Once the tank is established, remediation is a natural organic waste management product to break down the waste and detritus down to improve water quality and clarity. remediation rapidly and safely breaks down excess food, sludge, and waste. The bacterial colonies from aquavitro remediation naturally cleans your substrate, helping to trap particulates and increase water clarity.

    Both products should be available from your favorite aquavitro retailer in the near future.
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