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    The Aquatronica comprehensive update package is now available for download, and can be found on the download section of the Aquatronica website. Included in the software package are updates for the Aquatronica Aquarium Controller* (v. 9.0), Aquarium Controller Evolution (v. 9.0), Ethernet Module (v. 5.0), SMS Module (v. 1.7), Dosing Pumps (v. 4.0), Koralia Wave Module (v. 1.8), and the Tunze Pumps Module (v. 1.3), along with software for their new* LED Fixture (v. 1.1).

    The Aquarium controller software has been updated to play nicely with the new Aquatronica LED fixture,in addition to addition also adding compatibility with light sensors. Other firmware updates include general upgrades to firmware, improving functionality.* All updates are perfectly compatible with windows 8 and should additionally run smoothly on older operating systems.


    The software for the Aquatronica LED fixtures mentioned above allows basic programming of the fixture through an USB cable. Simply plug in the fixture and setup light schedules with the software. At this point there is not yet any live programming through wireless, but a wireless module in the way. For now at least the fixtures are programmable without needing a controller (which some other unmentioned fixtures struggle with).

    [via Aquatronica]
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