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    Aquatronica has just announced the availability of 8.7 for their line of premium aquarium controllers. The new 8.7 update contains several bug fixes in the PC software realm of things. The new update also includes numerous bug fixes for the Dosing Pump module, controller, Ethernet module and the Koralia wave module. In the PC software you will now have access to pump dimmer management and light dimmer management. Hit the via link below to start downloading the new update.

    via [Aquatronica]

    PC SOFTWARE: Software v.8.7.0.

    - Pump dimmer Management
    - Light dimmer Management
    - Level Programs Update (waiting time)
    - XY Programs Update (XYZ)

    CONTROLLER (ACQ001 and ACQ110) Firmware v.8.0

    - Level Programs Update (waiting time)
    - XY Programs Update(XYZ)

    ETHERNET MODULE (ACQ225): Firmware v. 3.1

    DOSING PUMPS MODULE (ACQ450) : Firmware v. 4.0

    - Fixing of blackout reaction bugs

    KORALIA WAVE MODULE (ACQ455): Firmware v. 1.0

    SMS MODULE (ACQ240) Firmware v. 1.7
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