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    Aquatronica was showing off their new LED fixture at Interzoo 2012, and it looks like they finally have finalized the design and are ready for production. Like the model shown off at Interzoo the new Aquatronica LED fixtures offer a solid aluminum design, although the new design seems to have added a curve into the mix. Beside looking awesome we can also imagine the curve helping prevent light leakage.

    The externals of the Aquatronica LED have been left unchanged, but we now have slightly more detailed specifics. The saltwater fixture rocks five colors (six if you count the moonlight) including Red Cree XPE LEDs, Royal blue Cree XPE LEDs, Blue Cree XPE LEDs, White XTE LEDs, Green XPE LEDs, and Moonlight Blu chip led 0805 smt LEDs. The fixtures will be available in three lengths and two different widths including 50 x 31 cm, 50 x 17 cm,* 96 x 31 cm, 96 x 17 cm, 136 x 31 cm, and 136 x 17 cm.

    The Aquatronica LED fixtures will have their own dedicated software, and can be setup through either a computer or the on board interface. Like all Aquatronica products we expect the fixtures to integrate with the Aquatronica controller lines very smoothly as well. No word on pricing or availability yet, but expect that to become available quite soon.






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