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    You local aquarium fish store should be above all, a place for new and old aquarists alike to go and find inspiration for bettering their tanks. In addition to educating about new products and exotic livestock, having some slamming display tanks in pristine condition is the best way to do that and to keep customers coming back.

    [​IMG]AquaTouch of Phoenix Arizona understands this completely and the flex their aquaristic muscles with a whole slew of display aquariums, fresh and saltwater, in a range of sizes to appeal to a whole range of people. In addition to having a great selection of live corals, fish, plants and great presentation of these items, AquaTouch achieves a high level of reefing street cred with their exemplary aquarium displays of so many types.

    Freshwater, saltwater, iwagumi, wabi-kusa, nature style, jellyfish bowl, jellyfish tank, anemone tank, nano reef, mini mixed planted reef, large reef & many more, the only kind of display that is missing from AquaTouch’s show floor is a full-on marine fish display tank; which is ok since the hobby is not focused on that these days anyway.

    It’s so cool to walk into a pristine shop and see all these types of tanks, also being driven with a wide range of aquarium gear, lighting technologies with a firm grounding in both the high tech and the low tech. The largest reef display in the store uses a combination of metal halide and T5 lighting, while LED spotlights by Kessil and Eheim are well represented.

    The upside down jellyfish bowl especially caught off us guard for its novelty but it was the totality of how seriously AquaTouch does its in-store displays that was really moving.*The level of expertise exhibited in the diverse displays of AquaTouch is a reassuring sign to all who visit that the aquariums seen online and in pictures are real, and they are very possible.

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