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    AquaticLife has been selling lights by the container load for many years now, and over that time they have invariably accumulated some extra lights that they have fixed. IN a move that is rare in the aquarium world but common for electronics, AquaticLife has elicited to erect an outlet store, online, which sells a variety of their halide, T5 and LED lights refurbished for a substantial discount.

    Back in the day the refurbished section of the Apple store was a best kept secret, offering their iPods, Macs and all kinds of gear at much reduced prices, and a manufacturer warranty. AquaticLife’s outlet store is like that too, with refurbished light fixtures selling for less than new, with free shipping, and the original manufacturer*warranty.

    In addition to the widespread AquaticLife T5 fixtures in 2, 4 and 8 lamp configurations, the AquaticLife outlet store also offers a few LED and metal halide lights. And don’t forget, AquaticLife also makes fine reverse osmosis units and you’ll also find those in the outlet store part of their website. Like Apple’s, the AquaticLife outlet features a small number of products which have a high turnover so if you’re wanting to get something for less, you’ll have to keep an eye on it before someone else snaps it up. *[AquaticLife outlet]

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