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    The AquaticLife Halo LED pendant we saw at MACNA back in 2013 is finally hitting the market with two available models. We have two models. The AquaticLife Halo Deluxe pendant has the onboard controller and the AquaticLife Halo Basic can either be used as a slave unit or with an external aquarium controller.

    The pendants feature a 25 LED array delivering rich color spectrum (UV, Cool White, Blue and Royal Blue diodes) with two channels of control to give you flexibility sipping 85W. The first channel is designed to simulate the full spectrum of ocean blue light between the 400-480nm wavelengths. These include one UV 400nm and one UV 420nm LED with two royal blue, 465nm blue, 470nm blue, 475 nm blue and four 480nm blue diodes. Your second channel simulates the high Kelvin value crisp white light with four 470nm blue and four cool white LEDs.[​IMG]

    As we noted earlier, the AquaticLife Halo LED can be used as a master-slave scenario where the Deluxe master unit has all the onboard controls. while slave units will simply daisy chain into the lead master light fixture and propagate the signal on down the daisy-chain. Alternatively, you can also use external controllers with the Basic fixture.

    The Deluxe and Basic each also feature four variants with a Marine and Freshwater version available in either 80 or 110 degree optic lenses. The Halo Deluxe unit retails for $349 and the Halo Basic unit retails for $299. There is also a sleek hanging bar for it that will work with your Halo lights or other fixtures on the market.
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