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    The AquaticLife Halo LED is a new multichip aquarium lighting spotlight which aims to capitalize on the trend to pack lots of power into very small footprints. First shown off this weekend at MACNA, the first prototype Halo LED has a design which is more boxy than what we’ve seen to date but in a very attractive way.

    The 90-ish watt multichip of the Halo LED includes two channels of color control with both the white and the blue channels being populated by a diversity of respective spectra. The clustered LED colors produces a concentration of light that blends extremely well and which the Halo LED disperse by the use of a large 110 degree convex glass lens.

    The Halo LED by AquaticLife is designed with a master-slave scenario in mind where a master unit will have all the onboard controls while master units will simply daisy chain into the lead master light fixture and propagate the signal on down the daisy-chain, not unlike this year’s Kessil A360. AquaticLife is aiming for a ballpark price of $400, with about a $50 difference between the slave and master Halo LED units and an approximate release date sometime this fall/winter.

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