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    The Edge LED is a new strip light from AquaticLife which is aimed at general purpose aquarium lighting, with a built-in timer on its edge.The Edge LED ups the features and performance of their striplight from their 0.5 watt and 1 watt LED striplights of old, with built in timing and channel control, with three independent channels of LED colors to time and dim at your control.

    Despite being only half an inch thick, and four inches wide, the Edge LED still manages to pack in five colors of LEDs, with one channel for the bright whites, the “mixed color” LED channel, and dedicated channel for night time moonlighting. AquaticLife is making the Edge LED striplight in three sizes, a 24, 26 and 48 inch length models which will retail for an estimated $159, 199 and $229 each, respectively.

    For a company that dabbled only in metal halide and T5 fluorescent lighting up until a few years ago, the Edge LED marks the company’s*fifth LED lighting product for aquarium use. Unlike the really*mechanical LED striplights they created before, AquaticLife is on the ball with their Edge LED light that addresses the needs of recent demands in LED lighting. [AquaticLife]

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