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    Hi All

    We are celebrating our 1st Birthday and as a result, have some great specials, Give aways & Draws along with a shipment of Fish received from Kenya that includes the following:
    Powder Blue Tangs @ R295.00ea, Regal Tangs - R369.00ea, Green Chromis, Midas Blenny @ R250.00ea, Cleaner Wrasses @ R95.00ea, Yellow Tailed Tamarin Wrass - R175.00ea, Formosa Wrasses @ R159.00, Jumping Beans - R295.00 along with Turbo Snails - R29.00ea, Long Tentacle Anemonies - R395.00ea and various Soft Corals.

    All Seachem Products have been reduced by 20% for the next 3 days (this excludes Reef Salt which is already on special for R595.00 for 20kgs)

    We also have Aquamedic Reef Salt - 25kgs for only R595.00 (a fantastic price).

    We have also reduced the price of many of our tanks.

    The lucky draw will be held @ 4pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday and we have some fantastic prizes to give away!!!!

    Come and visit us and get some great deals over this weekend and for the next couple of weeks.


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    Do you guys ship the 20Kg salts? And what you think it will cost to Bloemfontein.

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