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    The AquaSweep rotating filter attachment is the essential component of the PowerSweep powerhead with the same oscillating action that became a huge hit more than ten years ago. While the PowerSweep has been mostly pushed out of reef applications by the proliferation of propeller pumps, there’s still a great niche to be filled by this sort of accessory for oscillating flow in small and medium sized tanks.

    We first got wind of the PowerSweep AquaSweep following the Global Pet Expo and here at Aquarama ZooMed is handing out a flyer but not flaunting any actual devices. There already exists multiple actually*rotating filter attachments on the market including the Hydor Flo and Innovative Marine Spin Stream*but the*oscillating Aquasweep is novel in its flow-powered motion.

    We didn’t get a firm date or price from ZooMed about the AquaSweep but with documentation being revealed and some actual product packaging, it won’t be long now until this very useful flow accessory becomes available to the masses.
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