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    The AquaSpoon from AquaMedic is an aquarium tool unlike any we have ever seen marketed directly at the aquarium market. Instead of having a full digital scale with a measuring tray on top, the handle of the AquaSpoon is*the scale and the spoon end is the measuring tray. AquaMedic’s AquaSpoon comes with two different sizes of spoons measuring out a maximum of 300 grams of whatever with a resolution of 0.1 grams. This level of fine digital measurement could be extremely useful for measuring additives, vitamins, medicine, supplements, media, food and even coral dip or biopellets.

    With more and more reefers using concentrated liquid and dry additives and phosphate media getting stronger everyday, the AquaSpoon could become a handy tool for measuring all kinds of increasingly potent aquarium products. Got some fish coming down with clownfish disease? Use the AquaSpoon to fine-tune the dosing of Seachem Kanaplex and Neoplex for your nano hospital tank. Wanna get your use of concentrated phosphate remover down to a science? Use the AquaSpoon to administer a minute amount of PO4x4. The AquaSpoon could even help you get fine scale measurement of a fine-grained biopellet like Thrive BioStimulant Crush in pico-rated doses.

    With so many things to dose in our reef and coral tanks and more people keeping solely nano reef aquariums, the AquaSpoon digital scale measuring couldn’t have come at a better time. Although we already have a digital scale, at a suggested retail price of only 29€ (~$36.50) we can’t afford not to have this useful measuring device around for servicing our personal stable of home aquariums. [Mundo Acuario via Acuaristica]

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