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    AquaSpec is an interesting high-tech gadget to get some seriously accurate and reliable measurement on your aquariums parameters. The AquaSpec computer may look like something made for professionals, the goal was to create an accurate and approachable device for the amateur. Granted, this one is most likely targeted towards the uber aquarium maniac, but the idea is promising.

    Designed to test both fresh and saltwater aquariums, the AquaSpec computer not only tests the water but the accompanying software will manage all the data collected for any number of tanks. AquaSpec allows testing for the pH level, nitrates (NO3-), nitrites (NO2-), phosphate (PO43-) and ammonium (NH4+).
    AquaSpec_001-150x150.jpg AquaSpec_002-150x150.jpg AquaSpec_003-150x150.jpg AquaSpec_004-150x150.jpg

    The computer was developed by a company in Poland using Logitech components for the build. It appears as if the water sample and reagent was combined and is read from the software you would install on your computer. The computer and standard reagent set is listed for around $475 USD. We are definitely looking forward to getting our hands on this computer and putting it through the paces and possibly compare to the handheld Hanna Checkers.

    [via AquaSpec]
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