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    The new Aquasky LED from Aqua Design Amano looks soooo good that if there existed a marine version with bue and white diodes, we’d already be planning a nano reef tank around its form factor. First announced back in May, the Aquasky LED is ADA’s first foray into solid state lighting with a 17 watt strip composed of 30 x 0.4 watt diodes for best spread, and all encased in a optical clarity acrylic for that swanky nature aquarium look.

    At*just*$200, the ADA Aquasky is not only one of ADA’s hottest new products in years, but also one of its most affordable, at least compared to the ridiculous price of the old 27 watt power compact Solar Mini. It looks like ADA Thailand is one of the first Aqua Design Amano dealers in the world to get the new ADA Aquasky and they’ve compiled a droolworthy photo album that might make you wish you had a freshwater tank.


    In addition to the amazing look of the ADA Aquasky LED, its packaging and presentation offer up an unboxing experience that is along the lines of opening a shiny new Apple product, with what appears to be a specially made wooden box holding everything in place. That kind of attention to detail brought to the packaging of the ADA Aquasky can only attract more people to the hobby, especially those who like pretty shiny things.

    For now the ADA Aquasky sports an original design and a unique array of LEDs specifically for planted aquariums but one good side of the knock offs that will invariably follow suite is that some of them will be geared towards the nano reef crowd, and some of them may even look kinda cool.*Better yet, future LED light makers may take notice of the new trend in aquarium lights to use more numerous but much lower powered SMD LEDs like the ADA Aquasky and the Sicce LED, and it would be a cherry on top if we are also graced with more presentable and flashy aquarium LED light housings. [ADA Thailand]


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