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    This specimen of Acropora derawanensis is the first one we’ve ever seen evidence of in the trade. AquaSD received this very rare ‘deepwater acro’ style species from an Indonesian coral supplier who had it labeled at Acropora simplex, but it is clearly too thin to be that species and the growth form looks more like Acropora derawanensis. AquaSD’s thin delicate Acropora colony definitely fits the description of A. derawanensis which has “Axial corallites [that] are long and tubular. Radial corallites are mostly small and tubular to pocket-shaped with sharp edges.”

    acropora-derawanensis-300x201.jpg At first glance this very unusual thin branching Acropora colony looks like a very, very thin branching Acropora subglabra, but we’ve seen wild A. subglabra and it doesn’t look anything like that. Compare the Acropora colony above to the Coral Search entry for Acropora derawanensis which includes the image at right. AquaSD says this piece is not maricultured, it’s definitely a wild piece and at our urging they will try to ask for more. Right Will? The Acropora derawanensis colony will be listed on the AquaSD website later today for a measly $300.

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