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    Aquascapers is a renewed, re-imagined retail outlet from Coral Morphologic with a new vision for delivering the finest selection of Caribbean corals. Not to be confused with Aquascaperz, Aquascapers is where Coral Morphologic wants you to go from now on if you’re looking for Caribbean zoanthids, ricordea, mushroom and flower anemones and a new one, “Eco-Gorgs”. Eco-Gorgs are sustainably-produced and normal aquarium sized colonies of various Caribbean gorgonians, a beautiful and diverse group of corals *that are woefully under-represented in the reef aquarium hobby.*

    Eco-Gorgs include some beautiful interesting strains of Eunicea including the purple Eunice and Hazel Eunice, two colors of Pseudopterogorgia pinnata*sea plume gorgonians and lots more sure to come in the future. Some other nice soft corals added to the Coral Morphologic/Aquascapers retail lineup include lots of nice Xeniids including some finer strains of Cespitularia and Xenia. We recently visited the coral farm at Coral Morphologic’s Miami headquarters and the impressive setup certainly is well equipped to house and grow a nice sprawling diversity of corals. Take a look at the flashy new Aquascaperssite and read about the new coral shop in Coral Morphologic’s own words below.


    Coral Morphologic is proud to*announce the launch*Aquascapers,*the new platform for Morphologic Aquaculture’s online coral selling. After five years, we finally reached the point where it became necessary to*separate*Coral Morphologic’s*multi-media art/science works*from our coral aquaculture sales. Aquascapers will be dedicated to providing aquarists with the widest variety of aquacultured corals at reasonable prices, without the need for any hype. *In a time when*scientists are predicting the demise of coral reefs, we are committed to demonstrating to the world that coral aquaculture can be one of the*most sustainable crops of the ocean; a practice that can be of great economic value to the poorest of island nations. *For example, our*</span>Eco-Gorgs</span>™*are sustainably harvested by*selectively*trimming branches from large, adult colonies and then grown-out in our Florida Keys greenhouse on convenient coral plugs. The adult colonies quickly regrow their branches, resulting in a zero-impact coral reef fishery.

    Within the hobby, Aquascapers looks forward to helping push the boundaries of reefkeeping by promoting aquascaping as a living artform. Outside of the hobby Coral Morphologic will seek to engage and inspire the public with the beauty of living coral and their unique survival strategies.

    All of our successes as Coral Morphologic truly wouldn’t have been possible without the support of hobbyists over the past 5 years. We aim to represent the reef aquarium hobby as positively as possible, and your purchases through Aquascapers will allow us to continue our mission. We’ll look forward to keeping you posted on the latest Coral Morphologic projects and successes. *This recent*article in the Miami Herald*article covers some of Coral Morphologic’s bigger projects, including our plan to design a 10-acre artificial reef offshore South Beach.*

    We look forward to serving you soon!
    Colin Foord and Jared McKay
    Coral Morphologic
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