RSS Aquariums, scuba diving tabbed as two of the most expensive hobbies

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8 May 2007
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You might want to hide this one from your significant other or accountant, but according to a story on, scuba diving and aquariums are listed as two of the more expensive hobbies to have. For most of us, we’ve seen firsthand how much it costs to get into and maintain interest in either hobby and in some cases both.

For some its the love of the aquarium that fuels the desire to get into scuba and for some its the other way around. But regardless of if we’re following our dreams of owning a decked out glass box, support systems, lights and rare and drool-worthy inhabitants or getting certified and flying to the nearest reef to take it all in under water, these are two of the most interesting and fun hobbies to be in.

We’ve also seen hobbyists branch out into other similar hobbies such as digital photography, raising orchids or other plants, fishing and others — we tend to take these to the extreme and tap out the most enjoyment we can possibly get from them.

Besides your aquarium, what are your other guilty pleasure hobbies?

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