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    Ever since the dawn of computers, there has been some form of aquarium logging software available — from simple spreadsheets to complex web interfaces — and with the advent of the smartphone there are plenty of new apps for this as well. One that looks promising as a free app is Aquarium Note.

    It may not be as complex as other apps and programs out there, however many of us just need a simple app that works. With a 4.6 rating so far with under 50 reviews, Aquarium Note seems to have many of the basics covered. The app lets you record the basic information about your aquarium and keep track of the total days from the setup date. You can also track multiple aquariums, which is nice for those that have a QT, frag tank, nano or other systems.

    Other features include a log for activities with the ability to add a photo, which can be handy when adding new items or noting something new and interesting in your aquarium. You can also log your water parameters with a graph display to have an at-a-glance history at your fingertips. Another handy feature is the countdown timer in the app to help you with your timed parameter tests. Although this is easily accessed on your phone, its nice not to have to switch apps to get to it.

    Other features allow you to record your livestock and keep track of how long you have had them. You can also filter your livestock lists by type and which aquarium it is in. There are also to do lists and reminders built in. We haven’t played with this app but it would be handy to have the reminders sync up with your main calendar on your phone so you get alerts outside the app. Other items the app includes is a wishlist and tank volume calculators.

    If you want to take your data off your phone, you can also export as HTML and XML files along with the ability to backup and restore.

    One tracking page made us laugh a bit and one many of us probably shouldn’t let our significant others (or even ourselves) from seeing — the ability to calculate expenses for your aquarium. For those of you masters at self-restraint and budgeting, this is great. For others that might not want the sticker shock of all the expenses, we may want to pass on this one.

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