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    In the world of the internet, the average lifespan of a good meme is about ten days and since the Harlem Shake has been blowing up for two to three weeks now, it is nearly geriatric as far as viral videos go. However, a new take on the Harlem Shake meme using swaying large polyp stony corals and anemones takes a fresh new direction for the genre.

    Elite Reef used a Tunze Wavebox to get their small display reef really whipping back and forth, resulting a very nice effect for the video. Whether Elite Reef edition of the Harlem Shake Aquarium will take on is hard to know but reef people are geeks too, we love our memes, so don’t be surprised if this is the first of a whole new wave of time-sucking video clips.

    Harlem Shake Elite Reef Edition - YouTube
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