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    We know that this video was produced by Aquarium Design Group to show off the new True Lumen Pro LED strips from Current USA but in other ways, the True Lumen Pro LEDs are doing just as much to show off ADG’s new yet-to-be-opened retail aquarium store. Oh you didn’t know ADG was opening a store? Well now you do and when the new concept aquarium store is unveiled the word is that it will be loaded up with the latest and greatest LED lights on the aquarium market, as well as a ton of drool-worthy ADA products, nature aquariums and uniquely hardscaped freshwater and marine aquariums. We look forward to hearing more about ADG’s new retail store and if you want to see the True Lumen Pro LEDs over a real reef tank and corals, that video is after the break.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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