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    Coral diseases can be a PITA in*the*wild and in aquariums, and the first step n getting an ailing coral situation under control is properly diagnosing the problem. Some coral books include a small section on different coral diseases but since we’re still at the stage where we basically call coral diseases by what they look like, the new website on Aquarium Coral Diseases is a useful repository for lots of common maladies affecting aquarium corals.*

    Aquarium Coral Diseases covers different types of bacterial infections and characterizes several types of coral tissues recession Additionally the website gives a nice broad overview of different coral pests and parasites, of which there are plenty like Tegastes red acro bugs, AEFW aka*Amakusaplana*etc. Better yet, Aquarium Coral Diseases offers up different known treatments including Interceptor, coral dips and the like to help you manage your coral’s disease. [Aquarium Coral Diseases]
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