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14 May 2011
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Hello Aquaria-SA Reefers

I would like to thank all the Reefers that sent me so many messages whilst I was ill, I really appreciate the support and care that was shown to me by all of you. Thank you to my Aquaria-SA Team for keeping all together for me during my absence. OK…. I’m am finally back at my Aquaria-SA KZN Store, still taking it slow, but sure I will be back to my busy self in no time.

Before I fell ill I was meant to send all of you some feedback regarding our reefers clinic we held in the KZN Store on the 16th May. The Aquaria-SA KZN Stores Clinic and Auction went off very well. We want to thank all the Reefers that attended and took part in our Aquaria-SA KZN clinic. Some of them travelled from as FAR as Gauteng and PE. It was great to have so many new faces in our store as well. We welcome you to our Aquaria-SA family.

We want to give a very special thanks to Len for his talk on corals and his review on our Lumini LED lighting. It was a privilege to have him present with all his knowledge on Reef keeping and corals, not forgetting the requirements they need to survive. We are sure we all learnt something new and it will surely benefit all of us in our future reef keeping. We are thrilled to hear and get feedback from Len on the experience he has had so far with our Lumini LED lighting and we want to emphasise that OUR Lumini LEDs are by far one of the world leaders in marine aquarium LED lighting. We are sure that once you have tried them you will be amazed. As we discussed on the day of the clinic so often people purchase cheaper LED units, unfortunately, when they set these cheaper LED units up on their aquariums it looks great, but in time they soon see that the coral growth is not what it should be and the corals often suffer and die. We encourage you that when you are in the market to upgrade or even start up an aquarium to contact us and let us advise you on the correct lighting for your Aquarium.

It was also really great to get the reefers involved in various discussions on different aspects of the hobby, I am sure we were all able to learn something NEW.
“Never forget Knowledge is power”
“And we are never too old to learn”

We held our very first Aquaria-SA Auction on the same day and it was also a great success. We know that some of the reefers got some really super deals.

We will have some super specials as always this weekend, don’t forget we open on Sunday in both the stores, pop in and take advantage. Watch out for the Livestock and coral lists list for the weekend in our stores. Once again I thank all of you for the continued support and YES Aquaria-SA is here for YOU.

“SEA” you soon
Lawrence & The Aquaria-SA team
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