Aquaria-Sa and Marine aquariums SA Clinic and Charity Drive

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    @Aquaria-SA and Marine aquariums SA are running a clinic at the Aquaria store in Gauteng on Saturday the 11th July
    Time 1:30
    all welcome please RSVP to @Hails

    @Hails will be given us one of her special frag lessons and tip on how to.

    Lawrence from @Aquaria-SA will be giving a chat on the importance of a QT system.
    Aswell as what's new to Aquaria i.e jebao, Go Aquaria supplements and test kits.
    Aquaria products and a insight to things in the pipeline.

    There will be various specials on the day and give aways.

    There will be Charity Drive aswell.
    They have teamed up with #RAK2015 and #TheGoodStuff.
    So we encourage you to empty your cupboards and bring through any old clothes, bedding,teddies or cash donations.

    They will run charity lucky draw prize.
    When you bring your donation you'll automatically be entered in to a draw.
    Up for grabs will be Aquaria-SA 80 GPD marine RO valued at R1595.00, all you need todo is bring or donate towards the charity.

    Ontop of all the days specials, all attending the MASA and Aquaria-SA meet next weekend will automatically qualify to be entered into a luck Draw where you can win a hamper of Go Aquarium products to the valued of R1120.00

    So all come along and let's make this a good meet.
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  3. Aquaria-SA

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    Please support this

    Hi there
    All Please support this its for a good cause.
    :thumbup:The Aquaria-SA Team:thumbup:
  4. madmatt

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    4 Mar 2014
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    JHB South
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