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    AMZ1500AMZ1000.jpg Aquaria AMZ1500
    Specifications: Size 1.500mm length x 0.600mm width x 0.820mm height 14mm Glass
    Cabinet size 1.500 mm length x 0.600mm x 0.740mm height [8mm Glass sump inside cabinet]
    Cabinet finished in black acrylic covers protecting solid wood from water and damp.
    Cabinet doors are fitted with anti-slam hinges to avoid the doors banging shut and scaring your fish
    Lighting 4 x T5 36w [2 x blue & 2 x white]
    Multi plug for additional equipment & one cable out too main supply
    Refugium light
    Cabinet light on auto door switch
    Plug in digital light timer.
    Full sump filtration in side cabinet [Skimmer chamber, live rock chamber, DSB chamber, carbon chamber & pump chamber]
    Fully plumbed in system
    Now our Aquaria range Aquariums can be supplied with all the equipment
    But they are also available without the equipment.Here is the fantastic
    Range of equipment the Aquaria AMZ1500 Aquarium can be purchased with.
    800Lt skimmer with Sicce pump [3 year warranty]
    Aquaria AWA6000 pump 6000Lt per hour
    Aquaria 2 x 200w heater [2mm glass & 2 year warranty]
    Now Reefers you seen what it comes with. A “Total plug and play” system that looks awesome, is a professionally designed aquarium and is top quality. Aquaria has a 100% spares back on all of our products.:thumbup:
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    Aquaria AMZ1500 Complete Aquarium and cabinet
    Size 1.500 x 0.600 x 0.740 Glass Aquarium
    Sump filtration, 1 x APS-06-s2250-CI Skimmer with SICCE pumps with needle wheel impeller[3 year warranty], 1 x over flow box, 1 x return line , return pump, T5 lighting hood with [4 x T5 tubes] 2 x 200w 2mm glass heaters , tending light , Refugium light , solid wood cabinet covered with Perspex for water proofing of the wood and anti-slam hinges on all cabinet doors.
    All of this for an incredible R18 000.00 incl vat.

    So Reefers do feel like you are fishing in the dark……get the perfect catch every time…WITH AQUARIA-SA
    Aquaria-SA... Making it happen

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