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    Aqua Reef *is a new light*manufacturer*from Turkey, and one of their first products they are releasing their Poseidon T5 and LED hybrid fixture. The design of the Aqua Reef Poseidon fixture is simple and features a basic pendant design build out of black non-corrosive powder coated aluminum housing. As hybrid fixtures the Aqua Reef Poseidon light pendants feature an array of *T5*fluorescent*bulbs along with a strip of LED chips to add that extra punch. Depending on the length of your fixture the Poseidon will feature six*24, 39, 54, or 80 watt T5 bulbs in combination with*40, 50, 60, or 80 watt of LED power.

    Forming the core of the LED strip are*460nm Blue 10 watt MultiChip LEDs feautring*BridgeLux 45Mil High Lumen chips, which should add some*fluorescence*to your tank. *Every multichip LED features 100 degree lenses which cannot be changed at this point in time. The fixture has three power cords for control of the LED array, and dual control *of the T5 tubes. *An optional*Bluetooth*adaption furthermore allows manipulation of your timing setup straight from your computer or android phone, although we are not sure just how much features are offered.







    The starting price for the Aqua Reef Poseidon fixtures is currently set at 449 euros (~600 dollars), with no word of*availability within the United States. For more information on the fixtures check out the Aqua Reef website.
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