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    AquaPhoton a company well known for its AquaPhoton photon plus metal halide + T5 lighting units, should be releasing their own LED strips soon. The AquaPhoton LED fixtures utilizes SEOUL Z5 LED’s with 40 degree optics, the SEOUL LEDs however put out around 510lm at 7.5W and with only two LED’s in a 2 foot fixture, the fixture puts out a disappointing low amount of light. With not enough power to light a reef these LEDs appear to be designed as a supplement to the AquaPhoton T5 fixtures more for the purpose of producing shimmer effect/glitter lines. Strangely they only come in 6500K and wouldn’t be much use beside creating the shimmer effect that T5′s lack. With AquaPhotons being* pricey we’re not surprised to see the AquaPhoton LED strips sell for €229.00, €269,00 €319.00, and €359.00 (2′, 3′, 4′, and 5′ respectively).*For more info checkout AquaPhoton’s website.
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