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    In the past we have told you about the super cool Aquapad range*of LED lights. Not only do these light combine the sleek lines of German*engineering but they are literally cool to the touch even after a hard*days work illuminating a reef. Previously we have lamented the fact*these lights are only available in Europe- but that has all changed*with the recent collaboration between the designers AquaLeds.De and*the US based company HighDefCorals. The first US production model has been*shipped, tested and found to be as fabulous over here as it was over*there.

    For those unfamiliar with the AquaPad design, imagine simply an LED*light as thin as the glass on most tanks that appears to float*effortlessly over the water surface. At just over half inch thickness*these really have to be one of the thinnest lights on the market.*They are also incredibly cool to the touch. After 10 hours of being*lit, the upper surface feels barely warmer than room temperature.*This is due to the entire light appearing to be a massive single*milled block of aluminum.


    The Aquapad 125, which will be displayed in all its glory at NextWave*has 10 LED panels, each comprising 12 single watt LEDs, with 120°*optics for total illumination. While 120W LED seems a little on the*shy side, we have to confess, its bright. The controller is simple to*use and set, with various lighting configurations available. The unit*comes complete with a nice hanging kit -which is recommended*considering the overall weight of the unit. Also supplied are power*supply and dimming unit.

    HighDefCorals are currently running coral growth tests under the*Aquapad and the results, so far have been good- both in terms of color*and growth. Unfortunately, as these units are being made for the*metric-centric European market, they are slightly out with the feet*and inches used in the US. This is, however, only an issue for those*seeking an out-of-the box lighting solution. As part of their range*AquaLeds are able to custom build an AquaPad to your personal tank*dimensions, be that a bow front, a hex, corner unit etc, making these*lights infinitely customizable. While the final costs of these units*are being worked out, it is expected that an Aquapad 125 will run at*around $1,900.

    Orders are now being taken for the first shipment of*units from Germany- so if you want to be the coolest kid on the block*and sport the sleek Aquapad over your tank, contact the guys at*HighDefCorals*for details (


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