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    AquaMedic’s Evo 500 is a new protein skimmers that is powered with a controllable DC pump. Compared to the AquaMedic Turboflotor Blu 500, the Evo 500 does away with the primary-school blue plastic pieces in favor of much easier on the eyes black, giving this device a more serious appearance right outta the box.

    But what really makes the AquaMedic Evo 500 stand out is a much more efficient and quiet DC needle wheel which is also controllable. The adjustable DC pump not only makes the Evo 500 much easier to use and dial in, especially when the skimmer is just breaking in, but it also makes it the smallest mass-produced aquarium protein skimmer to be powered with a controllable pump, of any kind.

    All the new features of he AquaMedic Evo 500 make it one of the most promising small protein skimmers made of plastic, but that controllable DC needle wheel pump alone makes it seem worth it. AquaMedic rates the Evo 500 for an aquarium volume of a very conservative 62 gallons and it lists for an also-modest sum of $125 making it one of the most attractive new small internal skimmers we’ve seen in a long time. [AquaMedic]
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