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8 May 2007
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The NemoLight LED is the first total lighting fixture from AquaMaxx. The AquaMarine flavor of the AquaMaxx NemoLight LED offers a complete lighting solution for small and shallow reef tanks, with a built in controller so that no other accessories are necessary to get the most from this sleek light.

We got our hands on the 24″ version of the NemoLight and even before you open the box you are treated to some elegant product packaging. The experience continues when the box is opened to reveal an exceptionally sleek light. Before you even turn it on it’s clear that the NemoLight will compliment any tank style or decor.


The simple built in lighting controller is very easy to use for on the fly tuning of color channels or programming the timer.

The overall slim profile of the NemoLight and its simple tank mounting legs are reminiscent of the MaxSpect Razor LED. However the NemoLight from AquaMaxx has a sleek top mounted controller, a solid aluminum heatsink and a rather different array of medium output LEDs.

Despite having six buttons, the simple iconography and the three indicator LEDs makes it really easy to program this light and dial in the desired light. We place great value in the aquarium products that we can dive in and use right away without having to read the directions, and in this regard the NemoLight deserves an A+ for ease of use.


The AquaMaxx NemoLight is so thin it wasn’t possible to get the camera to focus on it edge-on, but believe us it’s mighty thin.

The first thing that we noticed about the 24 inch AquaMaxx NemoLight is that the fixture itself is actually closer to 22 inches long. The included and sturdy mounting legs expand to give the fixture a 24 to 36 inch reach but the business end of the LEDs, the working area of light output is closer to 18 inches long.

So if you’re planning to light up a two foot long tank with the AquaMaxx NemoLight you’ll be able to keep some moderate light corals but for anything larger, the 24 inch AquaMaxx will only be suitable for general illumination. We suppose the same attrition of size exists in the larger AquaMaxx NemoLight fixtures but it will be a smaller percentage of the overall fixture.

Stay tuned for part 2 for our review of the AquaMaxx NemoLight and our impressions of this light over live corals and how this light stacks up in terms of overall PAR and light spread.





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