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    We were impressed with the AquaLighter LED striplights and nano LED fixtures we saw at InterZoo 2012 and the Ukrainian company recently sent us a few more tidbits of information on the*AquaLighter 3 Marine LED strip along with the company’s controller simply named AquaLighter Device.

    The AquaLighter 3 Marine brings you colors in the 12,000-15,000K temperature range and also*incorporates UV LEDs and if you are looking for a freshwater or daylight application, the AquaLighter 3 is also available in the 6,500-7,000K range. The image above shows the breakdown of what LEDs AquaLighter uses in this light. On the left side, the AquaLighter 3 daylight version is running with CREE XT-E warm white, Cree XP-G cool white LEDs and Osram SSL80 hyper reds. On the right the AquaLighter 3 marine features Cree XP-G cool white LEDs and both CREE XP-E*blue and royal blue diodes and are topped off with the Edison Opto EDEV-SLC1-03 for UV support.*Both fixtures come in either 30, 60 or 90cm lengths with either a silver or black finish.

    The AquaLighter Device allows you to control the light patterns and temperature control of the AquaLight 3 or AquaLight 3 Marine fixtures. The Device features three channels of control to control the light to give you a full dawn-to-dusk cycle as well as monitoring the temperature to control the system’s cooling fans or other cooling devices.

    We don’t have the pricing and availability of the AquaLighter 3 Marine or AquaLighter Device yet but we’ll be looking forward to this light making its way out of the Ukraine soon.

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    just looking at the size of those LED's i'd say stay away...

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